A Priceless Dinner at Ginny's Supper Club

When you think of the word "priceless," what comes to mind? To me, priceless is being able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and making the most of it. The opening of a new restaurant or venue can always be priceless occasion, since as an owner of one, I know the feeling of finally being able to show and celebrate the payoff of hard work. The opening of our new downstairs, Ginny's Supper Club, was no different and since so much work went into this great new venue, I knew I wanted to create a priceless opening for it.

Last Wednesday, I was able to do just that with a five-course feast hosted by MasterCard as a part of their "Priceless New York," experiences. This event gave about 40 guests the opportunity to be one of the firsts to experience Ginny's Supper Club for the first time. Talk about priceless!

The night was unforgettable as we shared great food and music in the speakeasy spirit of Ginny's. We chose unique dishes that night to showcase the simplistic elegance of cuisine Ginny's will continue to offer.

Our first dish consisted of eggs, caviar, and celery slaw; fresh and cleansing- perfect as a starter. Up next was our shrimp with brussel sprout leaves and an oyster cream sauce. The flavors are complimentary and they paired wonderfully as a nice starter.

As the fish course, we featured a miso salmon with yellow cauliflower, a spinach puree and earthy mushrooms as an accompaniment. Flavorful, comforting and fulfilling!

As the night continued, the wine was poured, the music played and the courses slowly began to dwindle down. We, of course, saved some of the best for last - prime NY Strip served over a potato hash, beef jus, red wine reduction and cippolini onions.

With just one course left, things began to really liven up at Ginny's. The saxophonist made his way around the crowd, stopping to perform a personal number for a lucky bar spectator.

Four courses later, though, and it was time for dessert. We served a cheesecake, along with a cranberry yogurt sorbet topped with graham cracker crumble.

We couldn't have been happier to provide MasterCard users with a first-time experience of Ginny's. It turned out to be a fantastic event and we were lucky enough to share this priceless moment with some of our first guests at Ginny's.

Photos: Allana Mortell

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