a new way of eating

By MarcusSamuelsson.com Editors

Former model Yogi Cameron is preaching a new way of eating, an ayurvedic system that considers three types of energy in humans. Jeff Gordinier talks with Cameron about ayurvedic eating in his article "Hot or Not? A Model Turned Guru on What to Eat."

Over lunch at Szechuan Gourmet, Cameron diagnoses Gordinier as having too much fire and air flowing through him. Since 1998 (when he walked away from the modeling world), Cameron has been studying yoga and ayurveda .In Cameron's new book The Guru in You, Cameron describes his favorite ingredients and cooking techniques, including "ginger, turmeric, licorice and clarified butter. . .using a microwave and overdosing on icy beverage."

Ayurvedic eating is a fascinating way to look at food, even if its tenets (analyzing food as "hot" or "cool" without reference to temperature) seem a little unusual. Read more about Cameron's ayurvedic system here.