A New Season at the Studio Museum Harlem

The Fall/Winter season is underway at the Studio Museum, and the Harlem landmark's new exhibitions are most certainly not to be missed. Boldly greeting visitors as they enter the gallery space is Fore, the fourth in the Museum's series highlighting emerging artists of African descent. Covering two floors, the exhibition features various captivating works, such as the vibrant and thought-provoking photographs of Brooklyn-based Narcissister, the gold-leaf embossed still-lifes of the West Coast artist Noah Davis, and the disconcertingly organic sculptures of New York's Kevin Beasley. After witnessing the future of art, guest can experience a more sobering look at it's history in Gordon Parks: a Harlem Family 1967. Featuring images from Parks' photoessay chronicling a year in the life of the Fontanelle family, the exhibition, as the museum itself describes, is a "searing portrait of poverty in the United States." Poignant and simple, these black and white images provide arresting insights into the lived-experiences of a Harlem family.

While few will be in a hurry to leave, as patrons exit they find themselves in front of the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Harlem Postcards, an on-going project by the Museum commissioning artists to photograph what they experience in Harlem. The results are spectacular images that are both framed to be admired and printed on a series of postcards for guests to take home. (Don't forget to grab your favorite!)


A big thank you to the Museum staff for opening up their galleries to us and our camera. To experience these installations yourself, the Studio Museum is open every Thursday - Sunday. Hours and admission information can be found on their website here.

Photos: Emelyn Rude