A New Nutty Snack

By: Marnely Rodriguez

For the past week, I've been snacking constantly on a crunchy new snack. It's naturally sweet, nutty, with a bunch of clusters packed with good for you ingredients. It's called Snackle Mouth and has become my go-to snack during the afternoons.

Snackle Mouth is all about "clumpability". You know those clusters you love to find in granola? Well, Snackle Mouth is ALL about those clusters around some of the best nuts in the world. What do they add to those nuts? Well, better yet, let's start with what they don't add: no refined sugars, no trans-fats, and no fake tasting flavors. My favorite has been the Almond Pecan Maple and it contains goodies such as Organic Blue Agave, Pecans, Oats, Cranberries, and more!

Recently, I had the pleasure of asking James Moreau, Snackle Mouth's Community Director, a few questions about this newfound snack of mine!

How did Snackle Mouth start?

Snackle Mouth started when our founder, John Raptis, wanted to make a healthy, tasty, energy packed snack for his son, Costa. He wanted to make it all natural yet appealing for his young son. Snackle Mouth was born in John's kitchen.

How did you choose the ingredients that go into Snackle Mouth flavors?

We go for the highest quality ingredients we can find. If we can get organic, we go with that, but otherwise, we only source fresh and healthy ingredients. We also try to limit the amount of ingredients that go into each box. As for the flavor combinations, we just get fun and creative in the kitchen. We throw ideas out, try them and run with them if everyone feels like they're addicting!

Will you be developing new flavors in the future?

We want to be the Ben and Jerry's of snack food. We will be developing many new flavors!

What's your favorite Snackle Mouth flavor?

My personal favorite is our new Salty Chocolate flavor that we unveiled along with Bacon Maple at Expo West this past week. It's so amazing and easy to eat by the handful! But, I do love all of the other flavors too, particularly the Pecan Maple and Almond Berry.

Is Snackle Mouth Gluten-Free?

We don't use any wheat products in our snacks, however we don't have gluten-free certification. With any oats or grains, there's always a concern over cross contamination, but we always source the best quality oats we can find and do our best to keep all gluten out of our snacks.

For more information about Snackle Mouth, visit their website here.  

Photos: Marnely Rodriguez

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