A Look At The Global Street Food DJ: Qool DJ Marv

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

As the crowd grew in Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center last Thursday, intoxicating tunes filled the air as Qool DJ Marv set the mood for the night. Qool DJ Marv is internationally known having played venues around the world, in every major American city, and also right here in our neighborhood at Red Rooster Harlem. As featured DJ for the Global Street Food Pop-up Kick-off Night, Qool DJ Marv graced the room that night with the sounds of his unique music. With his laid-back demeanor and mesmerizing smile, it's no wonder Qool DJ Marv gets to travel the world to showcase his passion, a passion that speaks to many through the words of music.

DJ Marv always looks towards the unique atmosphere and energy of the people to find the perfect blend of music for that particular venue. That is exactly what he did while at the Global Street-Food Kick-off Event as he took sounds classic hip-hop, blended with classical and funk music, and threw in some Ethiopian tunes, to create a perfect blend that had all the guests on their toes throughout the whole night. He has created various mixed tapes that continue to keep audiences mesmerized.

He truly made a positive impact on the night of the Global Street Food Pop-up, so we asked him a few questions to get a feel for his inspirations.

Why did you want to be apart of this event?

My first gig was back in 1996. I've done entertainment, parties and food lounges but I've never done something like this before. I have never done anything for fashion week. I wanted to break the drought and this is the best thing to do with Marcus and Red Rooster. I've been waiting for something great to happen, to be a part of this makes me speechless.

What type of music will you be playing tonight?

All different music; a variation of the Black/African experience, Ethiopian for Marcus, soul music of America, blues. A bunch of different styles that reflect what were doing here tonight.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I'm a literal DJ. I listen to the lyrics. I'm turned on by songs that are uplifting and romantic songs; romantic songs that inspire others to want to do something. I get my inspiration from music of the 60s and 70s. Music that makes you want to be apart of a community. I wish to incorporate all of that into my music. You'll hear a bunch of classical mixes all jammed together tonight.

The word "Cool" (or in this case, 'Qool') definitely fits his name, as he showed everyone at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center how to get down! To read more about Qool DJ Marv and to hear some of his jams, click here.

Photo: Melaina Gasbarrino