A Kitchen Is Not Just A Place Where Food Is Made

The cookbook author and TV personality Nigella Lawson wants you to make a mess in your kitchen! Well, not exactly, but she definitely advocates for a kitchen packed with your most frequently used tools and utensils within view, creating a easy access as well as cozy and familiar feeling. A kitchen is not just a place where food is made. It is the center of domesticity, for Lawson it "conjures up warmth and welcome, safety and security, in short, the very notion of home." Thus, the kitchen should show off what things you love best about cooking and eating.

A few tricks Lawson recommends to create a great atmosphere for cooking and household bonding by making your favorite and most frequently used things visible include a magnetic knife rack, open shelves full of ingredients, and placing fresh fruits and veggies out on display as you might flowers.

Lawson's design ethic might cause recoil for some of today's sleek and simple kitchen designers, whose spaces she likens to a laboratory, but to each her own. This advice is all about personalizing your kitchen space.

To read more of Nigella Lawson's kitchen nesting advice, go to the full Wall Street Journal article here.