9/11 Memorial Site Open Today to the Public

The 9/11 Memorial Site at The World Trade Center is set to open its doors on September 12th, 2011 to the public. The Memorial Site is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, near Shanksville, Pa., and at the Pentagon as well as six people killed in the World Trade Center bombing (in 1993) 10 years ago.

Victims' names are inscribed into the bronze panels that edge the Memorial pools. With twin reflecting pools the waterfalls are the largest manmade waterfalls in North America and are approximately an acre long. Sitting where the Twin Towers once stood tall, this site is all about remembering those who have lost their lives. This site will encourage us all to take some time and reflect on the past, how we view the present and what we foresee in the future, hopefully peace will be on everyone's mind.

On Sunday, the 9/11 Memorial Site was graced by President Obama, the First Lady Michelle Obama, former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush to commemorate those who have gone before us. The Freedom Towers stand tall, and it is today that we will continue to remember we all want a world with a whole lot more peace in it.

Photo: Phil Photostream