9/11 Memorial Photos

As New York City commemorated the 10 year anniversary of September 11th yesterday, there were various memorials that went on throughout the city. Although the actual WTC memorial did not open to the public until today, hundreds of New Yorkers still visited Ground Zero to pay their respects to those who lost their lives just 10 years ago. Across from the World Financial Center, lies St. Paul's Church which very fortunately survived the attacks that occurred just down the street. St. Paul's Church housed various tributes and memorials within its walls this weekend, while visitors could sign a "Remember to Love" ribbon with any special message and tie it to the church's gate. Near the church, 195 Broadway also housed a photograph memorial during the weekend, with images from hundred of photographers who documented the catastrophic events through their lenses.

Here are a few images of the memorials at the WTC, St. Paul's Church, and 195 Broadway. 

Photos: Cyndi Amaya