7 Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for a Foodie

By: Michele Wolfson

Is your loved one a foodie at heart? Nothing says "I love you" more than delicious artisan foods. It's been said that love is blind, but your sense of taste stays intact no matter how head-over-heels you are. Take it from a foodie like me: there is nothing that screams romance better than opening up package of fair-trade chocolate or even decadent, creamy artisan cheese.

Indulge the object of your affection with tantalizing treats. Here is a gift-giving guide for 7 perfect Valentine's Day Gifts to give to a foodie:

  1. Christopher Norman Chocolate: These hand-painted & innovative flavored chocolates are both unique elements in Christopher Norman Chocolates. John Down, the Chief Chocolate Officer, uses his distinguished background in painting and the arts to create a beautifully artistic quality in the taste and feel of all his chocolates. Each truffle and chocolate is made by hand in a New York City-based factory. An extra and necessary plus is that their chocolate is fair-trade.
  1. Brooklyn Salsa Company: Want to eat something sexy? Salsa isn't only hot for the taste buds... studies have shown that it is a natural aphrodisiac. The Brooklyn Salsa Company uses Conscious Methods that incorporates three main principles: Direct Trade. Local. Organic. Not only do they use certified organic ingredients from certified organic farms, they also source ingredients locally and internationally increasingly using Direct Trade, and carbon neutral practices. Also, they have awesome flavors and are generally better than even homemade salsas.
  1. Sparkling Wine: Toast your love with a sparkling Brut Rose wine from the Biltmore Estate, Childress Vineyards, Chateau Frank, Swedish Hill or Domain Ste Michelle. These are all American wineries and make any meal much more elegant. Planning to serve your lover breakfast in bed this Valentine's Day? Create morning mimosas or bellinis with a special bottle of bubbly. There really isn't a more romantic way to start the day... Well, almost....
  1. Blue Bottle Coffee & Special Coffee Maker and a free Cupping Class: This is the perfect gift for the coffee fiend. Based in Oakland, their beans are roasted daily, and are the creme de la creme of artisanal American coffee. If you live in the area, you can surprise your sweetie with a Blue Bottle's "Coffee Cupping Class" to learn the ins and outs of tasting coffee from a professional coffee taster. AND THE CLASS IS FREE! Every Tuesday & Sunday at 2pm, no reservations necessary.
  1. Say Cheese: Sensual, decadent and sexy, cheese makes a Valentine's Day gift to remember. Cheese can be sexy, trust me on this one. Just add some wine and you're well on your way to a romantic day of satisfied tummies and amorous hearts. A swoon-worthy cheese would be the Artisanal Heart - a Camembert-style mixed milk cheese made by Old Chatham Sheepherding, located in New York's bountiful Hudson Valley. Does your Valentine crave a cheesecake after an episode of The Golden Girls? Another sweet cheese type gift is an artisan cheesecake. Enjoyed for years at the Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro in New York, Chef Brennan's famous cheesecake can now be shipped directly to you. This scrumptious New York-style cheesecake, made with premium cream cheese and handcrafted from only the finest natural ingredients, features a buttery pecan-shortbread crust and delicious pecan praline crunch topping. The Artisanal Premium Cheesecake is a silky, luscious, and decadent treat. This is the dessert for cheese and fine food lovers everywhere!
  1. 479degrees Popcorn: This is one of Oprah's favorite things, so it's got to be good. Based in San Francisco, flavors like Fleur De Sel Caramel and Black Truffle + White Cheddar will definitely win you a kiss (or two) from your loved one. 479's coveted canisters are a great gift for this holiday!
  1. Brooklyn Brine Pickles: New York City knows a thing or two when it comes to deli pickles. Brooklyn Brine Pickles definitely cut the mustard and steps up with large, crunchy organic Kirby cucumbers packed in apple cider vinegar with ample amounts of garlic, dill, coriander, and cumin. Each hand-packed jar is filled with bold flavors, organically sourced ingredients, and the love and attention you only get with small, seasonal batches. It's not the gift of jewelry, but if your sweetheart is a pickle monger he or she will be delighted with this gift!

Michele Wolfson is a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute and is passionate about all areas of food, from writing about it, to photographing, growing, cooking, and consuming it. A vegetarian since she was seven years old, Michele knows the ins and outs of enjoying a healthy vegetarian lifestyle in Manhattan, which she writes about for Examiner.com as its Manhattan Vegetarian Examiner.

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