6 Summer Street Snacks


There maybe only be a few weeks left in the summer, but there's still plenty of time to enjoy some of the wonderful summer snacks. Whether you grab them at a street fair or just find a great vendor, here's a small selection of six summer street snacks sure to satisfy several senses. Try to say that five times fast!

Snow Cones - On these hot days of August, make sure you stay cool and hydrated. That means drinking plenty of water, but also treating yourself to a delicious icy snack. Snow cones are a great and delicious way to cool down, and since they're mostly ice shavings, they won't fill you up with too much sugar. At the weekend's kick-off to Harlem Week, Homemade Snow Cones had some really interesting Japanese flavors that you should definitely check out.

Roasted Corn on the Cob - Corn is delicious right now and can be used as is, or in all sorts of different ways. This is the kind of dish that's a staple at most street fairs and for good reason. This simple, but flavorful hand-held veggie snack will surely satisfy you. The roasting imparts a great flavor and these are great to eat as a cold snack while walking around on a hot summer's day.

Halal - Although Ramadan is a month of fasting, afterwards comes a great celebration of feasting called Eid ul-Fitr where people will enjoy all sorts of Eastern dishes. If you're feeling in the mood for something from the East, grab some Halal street food. Falafels, Kebabs and Schwarmas are just a few of the things you can typically find at many of the street vendors during the summer.

Fish Tacos - A perfect portable plate, tacos are often readily available at street vendors and are a great way to wrap up a lot of flavor in a tortilla and enjoy on the go. For something lighter during the summer, consider fish tacos for a clean and fresh bite that won't way you down. But make sure you get them from a good vendor or else you might get a mouthful of shark meat.

Bubble Tea - You should always make sure you stay cool and hydrated with things like these healthy summer drinks. Originally from Taiwan, bubble tea is basically tea mixed with fruit or fruit syrup and sometimes milk. Also, a lot of bubble tea you'll find in North America will have small chewy balls of tapioca starch that you suck up through the tea's large straws. For something cool and refreshing with a bite, keep your eyes out for a bubble tea shop, which you'll usually find in the Asian neighborhoods in your city.

Mini-Cupcakes - If you've got a sweet tooth but don't want to be weighed down by heavy desserts, grab yourself some mini-cupcakes for all the flavor without too much fat. There are a lot of cupcake stores and trucks around New York City and a lot of them serve mini variations of their creations. If you find yourself in Harlem, check out Tonnie's Minis for some of Tonnie's Harlem inspired creations.