5 Ways to Make Your Tap Water Taste Great

We all know that it is better to forgo water bottles and to carry your own bottle with tap water as it saves the environment as well as you money. Tap water is just as healthy to drink as bottled water, but what if that isn't enough? Tap water can be monotonous so here are five ways to zest it up: 

1. Sliced Cucumbers: Cucumbers are great for your eyes and skin, so slice up a few and put them into your water for a refreshing taste. Let it steep a bit to get extra flavor and when you're done, you can use the leftover cucumber slices to soothe your tired eyes!

2. Peaches: Everyone loves peaches because they remind you of summer. They are also packed with natural sugars that add a nice amount of sweetness. Slice up half a peach and eat the rest!

3. Mint: Always refreshing, mint is a great go-to to add to any drink. Either muddle the mint leaves in with the water or just chop some up and leave to steep for an hour to get a nice, refreshing drink.

4. Lemon and Ginger: The health benefits of ginger are already well known but combining it with lemon slices will surely spice up your drinking water. Check out the great health benefits of lemon water for a recipe and great advice!

5. Crushed ice: While it may not add any zest or flavor, adding crushed ice to your water will mix it up by giving it a new texture. You can also freeze cubes of your favorite juice for flavored ice to add!