5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Greener Today

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Right now there's a lot of pressure to be "green," meaning sustainable and environmentally friendly. There are some really easy ways to do this, and to do it today! It's either free or requires a small investment, but in the long run it will save you money to switch to tap water instead of bottles, or stop buying paper napkins. In addition to these five ideas to make your kitchen greener today, pick up some plants to bring life into the kitchen or try these five ideas to beautify your kitchen and home. If you spend a lot of time there, it should look great!

1. Change How You Drink Water: Instead of expensive and environmentally unfriendly water bottles, switch to tap water. Invest in a reusable water bottle for when you need to bring H20 on the go, and when you're at home, store full carafes of water in the refrigerator so you always have cold tap water at the ready. If your water needs filtration, invest in an on-faucet filtration system or a pitcher with built in filtration. Still bored with the taste of tap water? Try one of these 5 ways to make your tap water taste great.

2. Save Your Leftovers: Instead of throwing out extra food, make sure to save those leftovers! Many meals taste even better the second day, from lasagna to soup. Invest in some high-quality containers that can go straight from the refrigerator to the oven or microwave. How you put food away really matters, and can make a big difference in your budget. Instead of buying food last minute because there's nothing in your refrigerator, plan ahead and pack away the extras from a big meal in individual servings so there's always a delicious and healthy meal ready. And, if you're really bored with what you've made, try setting up a food swap. You might be surprised how much your neighbor loves your tomato-basil soup.

3. Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaners: It's even easier today to make earth-friendly choices for dishwashing soap, hand soap, and all-purpose cleaners. It extends beyond soap, too. Choose an all-natural loofah sponge to clean your dishes. It comes from a plant and will scour any dish as well as the commercial variety.

4. Open The Refrigerator With a Purpose: Don't hang onto the fridge door and stick your head inside as you contemplate what's going to be for dinner. Lots of cold air escapes when you leave the door open, causing your refrigerator to work harder to maintain it's chilly climes. If you have trouble deciding without seeing what's inside the refrigerator, keep a magnetic dry-erase board on the fridge door and keep a list of what's inside. Or, for a big splurge, upgrade to a clear-doored refrigerator.

5. Cloth Not Paper: Instead of using copious paper napkins, opt for cloth instead. Not only is it better for the environment to use cotton dishtowels and napkins, but you'll save money in the long run. You will also notice a big difference in the amount of trash you throw out every week, which will help you save money on trash bags in the long run.