5 Vinegars To Help You Cook Like A Restaurant Chef

Do You Ever Wish You Could Cook Like A Restaurant Chef? Try adding some vinegar next time you cook! While home cooks tend to rely on salt and pepper to season their food, chefs add a third ingredient to accentuate flavors. The acid in vinegar "brings the flavors into focus" says David Kinch in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

Next time you make any recipe, whether it's a soup, salad dressing, or fish, try experimenting with vinegar. Set aside a small portion of the dish and add vinegar to taste. If you like it, add it to the entire batch. You might be surprised at the sophistication it lends to your meal!

From basic to complex flavors, a few vinegars are always great to have on hand. Here are some delicious options:

* Distilled White Vinegar - Great for adding to simmering water when poaching eggs. Try adding 2 tablespoons to 4 cups water and watch your poached eggs go from messy to perfect!

* Well-Aged Sherry Vinegar - Stir in a tablespoon of this high-end vinegar into soups or stews for a complex addition.

* Champagne Vinegar - Champagne vinegar is great for salad. It lends a light and bright pop of flavor to greens. Add a few thinly sliced radishes, preserved lemons, cooked green beans and a diced, grilled chicken breast to make the salad a meal.

* Black Rice Vinegar - According to chef David Myers, this Chinese vinegar gives a smoky depth to chicken and rice soup, or to braised-meat sauces.

* Quince Vinegar - For a fruity take on vinegar, try quince-flavored vinegar. It's flavor would pair well with roots and nuts. Chef David Kinch tops sunchokes and chestnuts with the vinegar.

For more vinegar suggestions, check out the Wall Street Journal's article on vinegars.