5 Tools to Stock Your Kitchen For Under 100 Dollars

Keeping your kitchen neat and tidy to the outside eye is one thing, but what happens when your drawers and cabinets become over-run by tools and gadgets? It might be time to overhaul the inner workings of your kitchen. You may have restocked for Spring with the Top 5 Versatile Kitchen Tools You Need For Spring, but here are some more choices to have on hand. You can buy all five tools for under 100 dollars.

* Immersion Hand Blender: While this handy gadget won't replace a sturdy counter top blender, it certainly is convenient and portable as well. Not only is it great for pureeing tomatoes directly in the saucepan, but you can also use it to blend eggs for fritatas or scrambled eggs. It's also perfect to use for some great summer recipes like smoothies or chilled gazpacho. When you're done, it can be easily stashed away in a drawer!

* Mandoline Slicer: Not everyone is adept at using large knives to thinly slice vegetables. A mandoline slicer is a perfect tool to have at hand if you're looking to julienne zucchini or even make crinkle-cut potatoes. Many mandolines have multiple blades for slicing options so it's a perfect addition to your kitchen even if you only need to slice some tomatoes or peppers for your sandwich. Food Republic has a great guide to mandolines for buying advice.

* Silicone spatula: While silicone may cost a bit more, it will save you money in the long run due to its endurance. A silicone spatula will not crack, chip or lose shape when put under intense heats of up to 500 degrees. The larger format spatulas are also great for when you're baking up a batch of brownies or cookies. Get one that is part spatula and part wooden spoon (or "spoonula") to use when mixing heavy doughs or just when you need to scrape out that last bit from the bottom of a jar.

* Silicone Mat: Another great small kitchen tool, is a Silicone Mat. Easy to store, and even easier to remove perfectly baked cookies from, this is a great addition to a baker's kitchen. Using a silicone mat to place the dough is also a handy kitchen gadget to have.

* Magnetic Measuring Spoons: Everyone needs measuring spoons in their kitchen, but having them double sided and magnetic makes even more efficient and convenient. One side is best for measuring while the other can easily fit into spice jars or other small jars. The magnetic function makes easy to keep them together in your drawer. For a busy cook, affix them to your mixer or other steel appliances!

What are your favorite save or splurge kitchen tools?