5 Homemade Graduation Gifts for the Food Lover

It's graduation season again! From a small gift to a new apartment to straight cash, there are a lot of really considerate presents to give a recent graduate. However, if you're trying to stay on a budget, a very thoughtful and practical gift would be to give a food-loving graduate your favorite go-to recipes for when they're living on their own. Here are some other great ideas for edible gifts for new graduates: 

1. Everyone has their family traditions of different recipes handed down from their parents and grandparents. Combine them in a handmade cookbook so they can have it at all times no matter how far away from home they are. Intersperse family photos for an extra special touch.

2. If the graduate is a pizza lover, why not create a homemade pizza kit? Buy a pizza stone, pizza peel, and a few pre-made frozen pizza dough balls. Armed with your favorite pizza recipes and a pizza cutter, the new grad won't have to think too much about dinner. Include recipes some healthy options like Vegan Tortilla Pizza, Ravioli with Ramp Pesto, Cherry Tomatoes and Walnuts, or Whole Wheat Kale and Mozzarella Pizza.

3. Who doesn't love delicious sugar cookies or pound cake? Give your graduate some good ideas for when they need to bake up a storm! Bake a batch of your favorite dessert recipe and attach the recipe on a nice ribbon.

4. Help the new grad settle in to post-collegiate life with 5 tools for your kitchen under 100 dollars and a list of 5 cheap ways to beautify their kitchen and home.

5. Stock the new graduate's refrigerator for them! Fill it with high-quality entertaining foods like cheese, olives, and more. Pre-make a few of your favorite recipes like vegetarian chili, or some delicious pesto that can easily be mixed with pasta, whole-grains like quinoa, or sandwiches.