Get Fit For Summer: 5 Great Ways to Use Your Ice Cube Trays


Get Fit For Summer!

An essential aspect of dealing with the rising temperatures is using ice cubes by any means necessary. Your usual cup of hot coffee turns to iced coffee and ice thrown in with your water keeps it that much cooler. Fun and flavorful ice cubes can even make your water taste more exciting. Here are the top 5 tips and tricks to staying cool by using your ice cube trays. 

1. Coffee Ice Cubes: Put in any leftover coffee into your ice cube trays to make coffee ice cubes for your iced coffee. This way it won't dilute and ensure your coffee is at it's strongest!

2. Stock: One good ingredient to always keep on hand is chicken or vegetable stock. It's perfect for making gravy, on mashed potatoes or just in soup. However, if you make it yourself you know how time consuming it can be. If you make a lot, just freeze the rest into your ice cube trays that way you can just heat it up in a pinch.

3. Cocktail Garnishes: If you're looking to wow your guests at your next shindig, look no further than with iced garnishes. Fill your ice cube trays with a third of water and allow it to freeze partially. Then place either blackberries or other small bits of fruit so that it will stay in place, then fill the rest up and freeze all the way through. You can also use mint or other garnishes as well as a splash of food coloring to give a nice tint!

4. Flavored ice cubes: Freezing up ice cubes of your favorite juices is a great way to add just a bit of flavor to boring old water. Choose anywhere from orange to apple juice and if you're feeling a bit more adventurous freeze mango nectar.

5. Mini popsicles: A perfect summer time treat will always be popsicles. Freezing fruit purees or smoothies in the freezer (be sure to put a toothpick in halfway before it's all the way frozen to ensure that it holds) will make for cute little popsicles that anyone can enjoy. Novelty ice cube trays shaped like stars and even robots will make your popsicles that much more fun to eat!

What's your best way to use your ice cube tray?

Photo: stevendepolo on flickr