5 Food Tips to Go Green in 2012

With all of the personal resolutions we may have made during this New Year, one of the best one's we can make may not be very personal at all. One resolution you can make can actually help the entire planet with just a little effort. Why not resolve to take a few easy steps to go green this year?

While often times we think of going green by only involving large projects like recycling, carpooling, and changing our appliances to save energy, a lot of the small projects you can also partake in fact involve food. Altadena Patch mentions many ways you can go green, but we chose 5 food tips you can do to help the environment just a little more this year. Check them out below:

Plant a garden: While planting a whole garden can seem daunting, you can start small by planting a herb garden. Starting small can help prepare you for a larger task like growing vegetables, which can be a larger goal for later on in the year. If you wanted to start right away with your gardening goals, read out article here on tips for building the perfect winter garden.

Compost: What better way to fertilize the garden you just planted than with your homemade fertilizer?  Although the word composting might sound complicated, the process is actually quite simple. Check out our article here on how to get started.

Reduce your meat consumption:  An estimated 3/4 of the world's agricultural land is devoted to feeding and/or raising livestock.  By cutting down on our meat consumption and using the livestock-land for human agricultural purposes, the global crop output would be substantially higher. You can start slow by participating in Meatless Mondays. Read here for more reasons why a little less meat in your diets can help the planet.

Buy local products: While eating organic can first appear to be the solution to going green, buying organic foods that aren't necessarily in season may mean that the product was flown or driven from hundreds or even thousands of miles away, only increasing pollution into the atmosphere from transportation. Buying locally, like from a local farmers market, ensures that there are minimum transportation costs of your food and since it is grown locally can also assure you that the produce will be in season. Click here for tips on how to eat more locally.

Drink tap water: Plastic water bottles create tons of environmental strain every year. By consuming less bottled water and drinking tap or filtered water, you can help reduce pollution in the environment as well as help conserve natural water resources that are often used in bottled water. A water filter and reusable water bottle can help you save significant amounts of money and help keep the world cleaner. Read here on other ways conserving water can help the environment.

What are some other ways you can go green this year?

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