5 Diet Resolutions For The New Year

What more can we say about making New Year resolutions, besides the already-said like making goals small and planning out ways to keep them? But if one of your resolutions this year is to lose weight, then here are a few tips to help you attain your diet goals for this New Year.

Instead of starting some daunting and extreme diet, why not take subtle tips and slowly change your routine that can help you shed the extra pounds without the added stress of an intense diet. Try these slow but steady tips for a healthier you in 2012:

Diet Resolution 1: Drink more water!

Water is a must and one of the first things that individuals forget when starting a new diet. Not only does water quench thirst but it could also help quench hunger. The necessary 8 glasses of water a day sound too daunting for you? Start small and just drink a full glass of water before each meal. The body feels fuller faster because of this, and slowly drinking more water will become a natural habit.

Diet Resolution 2: Avoid over-eating!

Have a sweet tooth or a bad habit of snacking between or after meals? Brush your teeth or floss immediately after eating, this way you'll be less likely to keep munching or indulging in that overly sweet dessert. Out and about without a toothbrush? Pop in a minty piece of sugar-free gum that can also have the same effect. Most importantly, slow down when eating and watch for portion sizes. The new MyPlate guide can help you keep track of good portion sizes and eating slower can help your body realize faster when you feel satiated.

Diet Resolution 3: Make small changes!

Who wants to go straight into a raw food diet if you can barely even get through a whole day without eating meat? Extreme diets are less likely to be kept, so start off small. Perhaps partake of Meatless Mondays or designate a certain day as a fish day. Add an extra piece of fruit in your lunch every day as a snack. Vow to eat a salad as a meal at least 3 days a week. Smaller goals are easier to attain instead of a full-on diet.

Diet Resolution 4: Try new foods!

Let's face it, not everyone in the world is fond of broccoli or Brussels sprouts. That's why trying out new foods, especially fruits and vegetables can help you increase your daily intake. Instead of broccoli or carrots which can sometimes not seem tempting at all, try out other veggies like eggplant, squash, cauliflower, spinach, etc. that we may not remember to eat on a daily basis. Also, trying new recipes can help spice up your weekly menu. For great recipes, click here.

Diet Resolution 5: Get out and exercise!

No diet is complete without any exercise. In order for all of your diet efforts to show, you need to partake in at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. While busy schedules and old habits might make it hard for you to keep your fitness goals on a daily basis, ask a friend to join you to help keep you accountable in this department. Plus, working out with friends is always more exciting since they egg you on to push harder and time flies by a lot faster with great conversation.

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