5 Cheap Ways To Beautify Your Kitchen and Home

Are you planning to do spring cleaning this year? For many families, spring cleaning is an annual event. This year there is no need to dread a big ordeal! As you're cleaning out the refrigerator and cabinets and making way for the bounty of fresh produce from the market, take a few extra steps to beautify your kitchen and home.

It can be super easy and inexpensive it is to brighten your space. Dig into your box of family recipes and heirlooms for a thoughtful display, and bring a pop of vibrant color to the dining table with a bowl of fresh fruit.

You might be surprised how these little changes will motivate you to get into the kitchen and start cooking!

Display Family Heirlooms: Do you have recipes from your grandmother that you love to look at but rarely cook? Old and weathered recipe cards have great character, and make for a thoughtful collage or decoration in your kitchen. Recipe cards often fit picture frames, so check for deals on frames at a local store. Old and weathered kitchen utensils can have a lot of character too. Arrange vintage measuring cups or spatulas on a floating shelf to bring a touch of family history to your kitchen.

See-Through Containers: Display pantry staples in glass or plastic containers for a decorative and easy-to-use storage solution. Choose different heights and shapes for visual variation. Having food where you can see it makes you more likely to cook with it. Encourage healthy eating with staples such as quinoa, brown rice, and whole-grain pastas.

Create a Color Centerpiece with Fruit: Brighten up your kitchen and dining room tables with big bowls of fruit. Not only do the colors make the space look bright, they'll encourage you and your kids to choose a healthy snack. If you can, buy seasonal fruit from your grocery store or farmers' market. Not only are you supporting local farmers, you can teach your kids about how food changes through the seasons!

Plant an Herb Garden: Many herbs do well indoors or on a windowsill. Not only are herbs beautiful, they taste great in your cooking! If you're an herb-novice, check out our guide to the 5 Must Try Spring Herbs. Or, if you're curious about herbs that taste great in American cooking, we've got a guide to those, too! To bring the green into the kitchen, if you've planted some thyme or rosemary in your yard, snip a few branches off and display in glass vases for a delicious and beautiful display.

Hang a Bulletin Board: Instead of letting shopping lists, receipts, and recipes gather in messy piles, organize and display your odds and ends on a bulletin board. Not only does this keep you organized, it looks great! Include business cards and post cards of your favorite restaurants and bars for inspiration. For a versatile pick try this Umbra bulletin board, on which you can use magnets and pushpins. Umbra Magnetic Pushpin Bulletin Board