2011 Food Trends

Epicurious.com's blog published a list of their top ten food trends predictions for 2011.  They were definitely right about the increasing popularity of butchers and the fervor for all things homemade, including beer and potlucks.  Their predictions this year are not set up as an "In vs. Out" dichotomy, but instead they list ten areas to benefit from more exposure. Food Halls such as Eataly, Todd English's Plaza Food Hall, and Jeffrey Chodorow's FoodParc will see increased attention.  Already popular in locations such as Milan and Tokyo, gourmet groceries have caught on in 2010.

After the growing popularity of foraging in 2010, the Epi-Log forsees even more attention paid to this ancient art.  Restaurants that put foraging at the forefront of their cusine, such as Noma in Copenhagen, and T.W. Food in Cambridge, Massachusetts are garnering praise from all over the globe.  I'm sure that Epicurious is right about this one.

After last years' butcher-related prediction, Epicurious sees an increased interest in Meatless Mondays. I agree, and columnist Katie Cizewski writes a Meatless Monday column on our site. Read her most recent column here.

Read the rest of Epicurious.com's Top 10 Food Trends for 2011 article here.