2011 Candy Trend Predictions

What can you expect in candy for 2011?  SpecialtyFood.com predicts a focus on "sweet and citrusy flavors, savory-sweet combinations, and products with a healthy twist." Tangy citrus appeals for its cleansing properties.  Consumers will be looking more towards the fresh aspect that citrusy flavors bring to desserts, particularly chocolate and hard confections.  Whether it's candied lemon peel encased in velvety white chocolate, or a tangerine lollipop, I look forward to tasting these new confections.

Savory-sweet desserts are on the rise, and in the world of candy, flavor combinations like milk chocolate and sweet potato will be popping up.  If you are a pumpkin lover who's not satisfied by Thanksgiving alone, new offerings such as NYC's Dylan's Candy Bar's Milk Chocolate with Pumpkin and Sweet Potato "It" Bar are for you.

More health-geared sweets will be on the market, Specialty Food predicts.  This includes candies packed with granola, seeds, and help.  Lake Champlain Chocolates has introduced a Dark Chocolate Granola Bar, which is packed with cranberries, roasted almonds, and house-made maple granola.  It sounds delicious.

Also look for more chocolate and candies that are gluten, dairy, and nut free for the allergic dessert lover.

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