200-Year-Old Champagne

A 200-year-old champagne was recently recovered from a shipwreck in Aland, an archipelago in the Baltic Sea.  A shipwreck off the coast of this Finnish group of islands contained champagne from Veuve Cliquot and a Juglar, a house now part of Jacquesson.  168 bottles were still drinkable, and tasters noted flavors such as "lime blossoms, coffee, chanterelles" and a sweet taste.

It's so amazing to me that this champagne lasted for this long.  Experts say that the conditions in the Baltic Sea were perfect for preservation, citing the almost consistent 41 degree temperature, pressure, and total darkness.  This "time machine" of taste is exciting and mysterious, I would have loved to try some, but the asking price for the bottles is predicted to be around $135,000, so I might just have to imagine!

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