15 Vegetables For Your Home Gardening

Home gardening is a hot topic for food enthusiasts, since growing your own food is the ultimate expression of local eats. Even if your thumb isn't particularly green, there are plants that thrive without special gardening talent or burdensome labor. Herb gardening is an especially easy task. Perennial herbs like thyme and rosemary grow even under adverse conditions and make an excellent addition to any spice cabinet. Cut straight from the plant and thrown into a stock or stew, fresh herbs add intense fragrance and flavor that far surpasses the dried variety.

Perhaps the easiest foodstuff to grow yourself, potatoes call for covering a spud with earth and waiting for it to sprout. Harvesting your own taters is hard work but fun. And when just dug potatoes go into a dish, they add a fresh, nutty flavor that older potatoes lack.

Supermarket tomatoes pale in comparison to the homegrown variety. As the summer progresses, you'll pick a bounty of jewel-like tomatoes, all with only a little effort. Watch out for pests and give them a little water, and the plants yield armfuls of sparkling fruit.

Getting your home garden started takes just a few minutes with these easy plants. For a list of more novice gardening suggestions, click here. If you have a bunch of fresh produce in your pantry, try this recipe for vegetable stock.