1000 Ravioli

I love reading about holiday food traditions.  Whether it's a perfect Swedish Christmas Table, or julboard, or different Christmas desserts from around the world, food is the centerpiece of the holidays, something that I can definitely understand, as a chef. In San Fransico, one family makes over 1,000 ravioli for Christmas day.  Anna Capurro, a lifelong San Fransisco resident, hosts the ravioli making party, and friends and family gather to make the dough, filling, and create the tiny, festive raviolis.

The recipe dates back to the early 20th century, and the tradition has lived on.  The filling has ground meat, onions, greens and spices.  Though the ravioli come out different from year to year, it is the tradition that matters most.

Read more about the ravioli-making tradition here.

What are your food traditions for the holidays?