This Juice is Worth the Squeeze

Nestled between busy restaurants on North 6th Street and the beaten path of Bedford Avenue lies an organic health oasis called Tiny Empire. Walk in and find yourself facing a rainbow assortment of fresh-pressed juices and healthy dessert options of açai bowls and chia seed pudding. Face the counter and get thoroughly confused on what to order as you decide between earthy, delicious blends like raw cacao, blueberries and maple syrup or kale, coconut meat and bee pollen smoothies.

Certified adrenaline junkie Anthony Spadaro brought Tiny Empire from his first Woodstock location to quirky Williamsburg and as its founder, is as laid back as they come. His mission (and some might say, social experiment) in bringing high quality juice blends go far beyond health reasons: his focus is to build a community of people who find just as much passion in living for nutrition and organic quality as he does, or at the very least, to bring that option to the neighborhood.

While I could wax poetic here about the fresh kale growing out of a box inside the store, the bags of rustic Travelers Bark lining the shelves and the awesome team of juicers he’s assembled, it’s all besides the point. Because after our chat concluded, Spadaro turned the tables on me:

“Why don’t you do the cleanse for five days?” he proposed.

From what I recall, I responded with some awkward laugh. Me? Cleansing? Kept away from my daily dose of an 8-ounce chocolate bar and morning coffee? Yet somewhere between Spadaro’s coaxing and my gut telling me to give it a rest for once in its life I consented, knowing full well this was going to be truly beneficial.

Starting next week on Monday, I’ll be embarking on the journey of the cleanse while providing healthy tips for living, courtesy of Spadaro. And if you’ve never sipped juices for a continuous five days before either, it might just be the best glimpse into watching what happens when a food fanatic gets deprived. The rules, if you may, are six juices a day drunk every two hours plus a bottle of organic almond milk for good measure. Peppermint and chamomile tea are recommended supplements.

Follow along and see how my Tiny Empire detox unfolds and whether it’s right for you, whether you’re a newbie or expert cleanser. After all, one too many trips to the office holiday candy bowl is bound to catch up with you.

Can’t wait to get your juice on? Find Tiny Empire at 142 N. 6th St. between Bedford Ave. and Berry St.

Photos by Diana Tsuchida