Pack In The Fun, Not The Pounds

Anxious that the traditional holiday meals and party foods this celebratory season will wreck the healthy eating habits you have worked on all year? Well, don’t  fret. With a little planning and practice, you can fit all of your favorite festive dishes into a salubrious routine without packing on the pounds.

Eat small, low-calorie meals the day of the party. Eating lower calorie foods throughout the day allows you to splurge a little at the celebration without going over a specific daily calorie budget. Also, do not go to the get-together on an empty stomach--eating a piece of fruit, a granola bar, or a handful of nuts ensures that you do not head straight to the buffet table when you walk through the door.

Bring a healthy, delicious, and low calorie dish. Vegetables with hummus or yogurt dip, fresh fruit, tangy quinoa salad, or seasonal roasted vegetables always pleases a crowd at a food centered party.

Add seltzer to wine, or alternate glasses of water with drinks of alcohol. A 5-oz glass of wine contains 105 calories, a 12-oz Belgium beer contains 230 calories, and a shot of tequila 100 calories. To make matters worse portion sizes usually double when  they are not eyed by a barkeep. Therefore, to save the calories and the headache, incorporate water or seltzer when drinking wine, beer, or spirits.

Offset “party calories” with more exercise or physical activity. Though you may not be able to stop yourself from eating second helpings of the foods you only see once a year, you can force yourself to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Exercise regimens may lack during this busy time of year; therefore, park your car further away from your destination or get off the subway a stop early. Catch up with housework or clean your car. One hour of cleaning the entire house burns 204 calories, cleaning the car uses 266 calories.

Extra body bulk can hide behind sweaters, but it can cause detrimental health repercussions. Excess fat around the middle is often signs of problematic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. To prevent future ailments and syndromes it is important to keep splurging to a minimum. So, this holiday season have fun, be merry, and eat mindfully.