Kung Flu Fighters!

Do you consider yourself as a team-player? If you just said yes, then I’d like to welcome you to the Kung-Flu Fighters. I’ll be here to coach you on what could very well be your best season yet. This year, and every other year, the team to beat is “Team Flu”. What is that? Think of “Team Flu” as your arch nemesis who wants to and can take you down. However, I’d like to give you and the team (your body) a few tips on making this a winning season.

For starters, you have to make sure your body is not just on defense but also on offense. Don’t wait to get sick; take measures to prevent influenza by good nutrition, substantial exercise, sufficient sleep, and keeping your environment as germ free as possible.  Again, consider yourself and your body a team. Your mind is the captain (responsible for all the plays that will occur) and your body (chest, immune system, blood stream, etc.) are your team players. You need every last body part to win the season. You and your body will have to work together, especially with the flu season amidst, because right now it is out with the old and in with the flu...season that is. Now, is this something you want or your turf? Probably not.

Let’s start with our offensive plan.  What can we do to prevent “Team Flu”?

1. Foods

Make sure your getting those vitamins with foods that boost your immune system. Dark green vegetables and fruits high in Vitamin C, such as spinach, kale, orange, grapefruit, blueberries, are particularly good bets.

2. Exercise

Keep active as your body will need for circulatory purposes.  Keep the bloodstream going for oxygenation.

3. Rest

Give your body the time and proper rest it needs to recover natural virus-killing cells, keeping your immune system ready and able to do its job.

4. Cleanliness

Be sure to wash your hands.  You have no clue how much bacteria can be carried on your hands, opening doors, holding poles on the train or bus, etc. Carry a little hand sanitizer to keep away and prevent the spreading of germs.  Also, if you need to cough or sneeze, please cover yourself as you shouldn’t spread to others.  But if you can, carry tissue with you to cover your cough or sneeze and then throw your tissue immediately into the trash.

Now on to our defensive plan.  No one is perfect and even if you stick to the game plan, there is always room for error. In the event that your opponent “Team Flu” scores, here are a few plays to make your best come-back.

1. Chicken or Vegetable Soup

Load your soup with lean meat (protein) and vegetables such as carrots, celery, onion, garlic, cayenne and even kale. This contains a boost of nutrients, support immune function, and will keep your energy levels up.

2. Spices

Try and eat foods containing spices such as ginger, tumeric, garlic, and cayenne which are sure to help with sinus and congestion relief. Spices also aid in reducing inflammation.

3. Vitamin C

This will be your best friend. It’s the cure for the common cold. Benefits include protection against immune system deficiencies. Having oranges, strawberries, kiwi, papaya, melons, dark green vegetables, and peppers will boost your system to fight bacteria and spreading of viral agents.

4. Fluids

Water. Water. Water. This is an absolute must. Water and herbal teas can thin mucus allowing it to clear congestion.

Now you have the perfect game plan so whether you’re on offense or defense, it’s about you being a teamplayer and working with your body to prevent or conduct its necessary recovery. With that said, play to win and have a great season!