How To Recover From A Binge

Photo: roboppy We’ve all done it, binged on foods to the point of feeling a little sick. After gorging on high sugar and fatty foods you usually feel awful: bloated, irritable, gassy, overly full, and guilty. The physical effects feel bad---but if you are trying to lose weight the guilt can be the worse part. Get over the remorsefulness and get back on track with these helpful tips. 

Photo: cattisb


Don’t starve yourself. The next morning when you’re experiencing the side effects of over eating, it’s important to consume a low-fat nutritious breakfast. This will rev up the metabolism and prevent another binge. Lots of vegetables and lean protein coupled with a big glass of water usually does the trick. And remember,you can’t change the past, but you can prepare for the future by becoming aware of the behavior and adding more whole nutritious foods to your daily diet.

Exercise. Generally, a binge involves consuming a large amount of carbohydrates (this includes drinking a sizable amount of alcohol). When we consume excess carbohydrates our bodies store the excess glycogen in our liver and muscles. This is a crucial process, because we need the stored glycogen for energy. Nonetheless, when a super abundance of carbohydrates is eaten the body stores the excess as fat. So burning some of the stored glycogen is critical when getting over a bad binge.

Reflect on why you pigged out. Sometimes over eating is triggered because you were busy throughout the day and forgot to eat, and by the time you got the chance to sit down for a meal, you went overboard. However, other times a binge is triggered to cope with emotions. Take the day after a gorging session to ask yourself, “What is going on in my life that I must turn to food to make myself feel better?”. Then, confront those problems that have you upset and try to find other outlets that do not involve eating to excess.

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