Behind-the-Scenes: "Future of Taste" with Chef Maxime Bilet

Last night was the culmination of five days of preparation with Chef Maxime Bilet, co-author of Modernist Cuisine. At the "Future of Taste," Chefs Marcus Samuelsson and Maxime combined their efforts to create a stunning menu that not only considered Marcus' diverse worldview and love of narrative but also Maxime's dynamic embrace of forward-thinking techniques. The marriage of science and food culminated in a six-course meal, from a reinterpretation of classic Chicken and Waffle to a playful take on Red Velvet Cake. While the plating was polished and impeccable, the back of house at Rooster was bustling with kinetic energy and excitement. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we've put together this behind-the-scenes look at the work and minutiae that went into producing the event's menu. Stay tuned for more coverage and images from Maxime's kitchen takeover.