Behind the Scenes: Food on Film

[carousel] So, those gorgeous morsels, dishes and bites you see in the pages of your favorite cookbooks and magazines? Yeah, they don't just happen. Believe it or not, a stylist, chef, photographer and assistants all come together to create the art of the plate. Recently, Marcus' own crack team assembled to work on a fun food project and we couldn't help but share this little inside look into a photo shoot!

While the food you see (and will eventually cook) is the real deal, the mouthwatering shots that make it to print are the result of tireless days. Whether it's chasing the perfect amount of sun, or the countless minutes adjusting grains of rice, or even dissections and discussions of each potential photo, the first thing to know is your first shot is not your best. With the right photographer and the most meticulous of food stylists, the dishes you see and are empowered to cook, prepare and taste, pops from the page, enticing you to explore its flavors.