Food Composting, Coming to NYC

recycle, food compost, NYC, food, waste Out of all the wonderful things NYC is known for, recycling is not one of them. In recycling programs, NYC falls behind 15% in the recycling rate, and Mayor Bloomberg along with Ron Gonen, New York Deputy Commissioner for recycling and sustainability are on a mission to put NYC in the forefront. Featured on The Salt: NPR food blog, a new food compost recycling program has begun in NYC.

Starting in a few high rise apartment buildings, each household was given a small plastic bin for organic waste to get residents to use them to recycle food waste. With this program in its pilot stage, the program directors foresee food compost bins to reach 70 buildings in the coming year. This program will help New Yorkers in a various number of ways, which include improving the cities aroma and reducing vermin, two major annoyances NYC is known for. Other states such as San Francisco and Seattle are already in full swing with food composting. With the percentage of food waste being thrown away by New Yorkers reaching 20%, the food compost program can benefit everyone in the long run and the quality of life in the city that never sleeps.

Photo: kristyhall

To find out more about this food composting program, head to the website for more information on how you can get involved.

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