By The Numbers: Valentine's Day

Unless you've been living under a giant box of chocolate, you're probably aware that this Thursday is Valentine's Day (It's something like the 1,515th time civilization will be doing this). Whether alone, with your love interest or in a very modern group setting (Valenfriend's Day?), you will surely find yourself involved, at least in some capacity.  Most people will be dining out, of course. In New York City, you'll have some 4,500 restaurants make a reservation at. Others will be cooking in. shows an astronomical 4,432 "Valentine's Day" recipes to choose from.

If you've got food covered, you'll want to round out the day with other romantic media.

Here is a graph showing AMC's top ten, most romantic films and their score:

(Off the list but of importance: Ensemble film Valentine's Day from 2012 scored just 18. Was it that bad?)

Now here is a graph showing Entertainment Weekly's top ten, most romantic songs and their peak ranking on the Billboard Top 100.