Workers NY Chelsea Bag

In New York City nothing sits still and time waits for no man...not even a fashionable one. With so many new trends and styles that are evolving, it's so hard to keep up with the Joneses on whats new and hot. Then there are the things that never go out of style, and they only get better with time. This leather messenger bag is one of those great things that never goes out of style--it just keeps getting better and better with age. A messenger bag is so essential to living every day life in New York City and  Workers N.Y. , the amazing maker of the Chelsea, Soho, and W. Village bags, has created the perfect messenger bag to house your laptop and equipment for meetings, notes and even a key hook. This water resistent bag is ideal for rainy days, will keep you stylish on your commute, and your hands free to balance your cup of joe.

Workers N.Y. Chelsea Messenger Bag, assorted colors, $308.00

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