Fresh Corn, 5 Ways

roasted corn, corn on the cob, leftover corn I couldn't say what's more traditional than corn on the cob for the 4th of July. Both sweet and complex, with butter and salt, it's classic. But for the ears of corn you don't get to this Thursday, or the extra you couldn't resist picking up, try it a different way. Here are five ways to get you started:

Skillet Corn

  1. It's simple, but add it to almost any salad. Mixed in to salsa and guacamole, fresh kernels can complicate a simple, one-note spiciness. Or, make a salad with roasted corn.

  2. Soup - Go for a classic and tasty corn chowder, or just stick with stock to use later, but don't throw out the cores! Throw them in water with other desired meats and vegetables, and they contribute a unique, great flavor.
  3. Cook the kernels on their own, whether you're making Red Rooster corn succotash, fresh corn polenta, simple creamed corn, or skillet corn.
  4. Chase flavors with these Yes, Chef Corn Pancakes with Chili-Covered Gravlax, and don't look back.
  5. Dessert - If you've ever tried sweet corn ice cream, you know that corn easily lends itself to dessert. Try making corn ice cream yourself, or make a creamy corn paletas. Or blueberry and corn clafoutis.

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