Salon Series: Celebrating Literature and Food with Hilton Als

You're invited to the second installation of the Ginny's Salon Series on Monday, February  24th at 8pm for an intimate dinner and conversation with writer Hilton Als. The Brooklyn-born cultural critic has written extensively on gender, race, and sexuality. Following his first book, "The Women", Als most recently published "White Girls", a series of insightful essays regarding "white girls" in the abstract. Als will be our honored guest at Ginny's Supper Club to discuss food and history in African-American literature. Als has an exciting and diverse reading list that will be served with a four-course meal that was curated by Marcus and inspired by the very works Als will be discussing. Hilton Als has been writing for The New Yorker since 1989, becoming a staff writer in 1994 and a theater critic in 2002. In addition to his writing projects, Als collaborated on film scripts for "Swoon" and "Looking for Langston", as well as edited the catalogue for the exhibition "Black Male: Representations of Masculinity in Contemporary America Art" at the Whiney Museum of American Art.

His first book, "The Women", is a series of portraits of subjects who include Als's mother, socialite Dorothy Dean, and poet and lover to Als Owen Dodson. Als examines his subjects in light of their sexual and racial identity, and looks back into himself. He writes in "The Women": "I knew I was a Negress... I glanced at my mother; her face, her body told me that she had been where I wanted to be long before I began imagining being a Negress. ... I saw myself in my mother's eyes; the reflection showed a teenage girl, insecure, frightened, and vengeful."

Ginny's Salon Series Hilton Als