Filming A Moveable Feast for PBS

PBS Moveable FeastMonday afternoon, Barbuto Chef Jonathan Waxman and Australian Chef Pete Evans joined Marcus in the Red Rooster kitchen to cook five courses for friends and family—a meal that will become an episode of new show Moveable Feast. In the kitchen, cameramen weaved around hushed spectators as they tried to capture every moment on film. Jonathan and Marcus traded off on dishes, all the while sharing their tips and cracking jokes. Among the plates, Marcus fried his signature yardbird and Jonathan seared beautiful lamb chops served with kale salad.

PBS Moveable Feast

Meanwhile, Ginny’s Supper Club's usual tables were transformed to the setting for a large dinner party, with one long, elegant table and a slice of Red Rooster’s cornbread at every seat. Resident musician Rakiem’s Walker's saxophone set the tone for an intimate, spirited meal. As they waited to be seated, guests sipped on strawberry aquavit cocktails with lime. Among them, Marcus’s fellow Chopped judge Chef Amanda Freitag, famed food journalist Adam Sachs, producer Sidra Smith, Harlem’s renowned Bevy Smith, artist Julie Mehretu, and Food & Wine's Kate Krader.

Marcus, Jonathan, and Pete emerged from the kitchen to announce their meal which started with smoked trout, gnocchi with spring vegetables, fried yard bird, lamb chops, and ended with Rooster pastry chef Deb Racicot's rhubarb pot pie. After the cameras captured a few takes of guests walking over to the table, sitting down, making introductions, commenting on the food, and eating, it was time to relax, and guests continued as the cameras were packed away.

To paraphrase Chef Waxman’s toast, eating brings people together, but eating what they’ve cooked brings them closer.PBS Moveable Feast

Moveable Feast, hosted by Pete Evans and produced by Fine Living Magazine, will air in September. The episodes will span the country, and each will focus on local chefs and their innovative, local cooking.

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