Farm Fresh Lunches in Seattle

Let's think about what $5 get you nowadays: A Venti soy latte at Starbucks. A snack box on a commercial flight. A small box of popcorn at the movie theater. Now imagine that $5 at a farmer's market. If you're around Pike Place Market this summer, $5 gets you a gourmet meal prepared by local chefs, restaurants and local producers in Seattle thanks to Farm Fresh Lunch. 

As part of an initiative to bring seasonal, locally sourced products to your afternoon meal, Farm Fresh Lunches is teaming up with beloved chefs like Tom Douglas and popular restaurants like Steelhead Diner to provide $5 lunches throughout August and part of September. I took part in the second lunch of the series featuring marché restaurant and knew I was in a for a treat. Lining up at Cascade Playground in downtown Seattle near South Lake Union, I was thrilled about the only option I had: petite bouillabaisse made with tomato, rockfish, mussel broth, mussels, prawns, parsley, saffron, potatoes, onion, garlic and fennel, served alongside a rouille-topped toasted baguette slice. Optional soda was available for purchase and the lovely picnic tables set up on the grass (complete with fresh cut flowers) was the perfect atmosphere to enjoy this summer dish.

Lunch was delicious and it felt indulgent to eat something really delicious in the middle of a park. A nicely executed event, it's hard to believe this only cost me $5 to enjoy. Kudos to the staff who were very friendly and appreciative of everyone that came for lunch. What a great way to bring the spirit of Pike Place Market into the neighborhoods of Seattle and something more cities should consider as a way to support beautiful and fresh produce and the people who provide it to us.

Don't miss the next Farm Fresh Lunch events:

• August 15th, Matt's In The Market at Westlake Park • August 29th, Tom Douglas Restaurants at Starbucks Center, SODO • September 12th, Steelhead Diner at TBA

Photos: Myrissa Yamashiro

Myrissa owns Anytime Fitness Redmond Ridge with her husband, Tokuro. If she wasn't in the fitness business, she would be a pastry chef. Follow her journey on her blog almost Fit To Eat