Off the Shelf: Weeknight Meals Delicious Made Easy

Am I the only one counting down the days until spring? Its been a cold winter full of hearty soups, thick warming stews, and leftovers but with spring weeks away, I can't help but think about lighter dinners and fresh produce. With sunshine and warm weather, comes the need to cook fresh new meals. We have been eating heavy all winter long, and I know for me as soon as it gets light outside, I'm on a mission to eat something new for dinner most of the week, not including take-out (which will always have a special place in my heart).

If anyone knows how to eat and make amazing weeknight meals, it's food bloggers. The day-to-day lives of food bloggers helps us all to take that chance and make a new recipe for dinner every night. Sitting in front of a computer or tablet though, searching for an appealing dinner is the only downfall of not reaching for the phone and calling your favorite take out place. Now we can find a complied list of these meals, bloggers, and more in Good Bites Weeknight Meals: Delicious Made Easy. 

This 120-recipe cookbook brings all of the web's most popular bloggers and their recipes to one delicious place, your kitchen. This cookbook has come just in time for spring, with meals that can be integrated with fresh produce. A few chapters include Pasta; Seafood; Side Dishes; Chicken and Turkey; and Vegetarian options so every night can be a different home cooked meal that you will love making and will be quick and easy.

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Try these 5 recipes for amazing weeknight meals: