Off The Shelf: Salad for Dinner

salad for dinner, fresh and healthy I know some people are not fans of salad. Some believe it's not a filling meal, others say it's too healthy, and a few say it's too expensive.  I don't fit into any of these categories. I love eating fresh crisp salads whether it be for a light lunch or a satisfying dinner. Jeanne Kelley, food editor and author of  "Salad for Dinner: Complete Meals for all Seasons"  has compiled a vibrant cookbook, dedicated to everything salad. Starting off, what do you need to enjoy a great salad... none of than fresh greens. With the first section in the book appropriately titled, "A Salad Primer"  you will learn the definition and origins of salad greens, herbs, and foraged greens like chickweed, dandelion greens and wood sorrel, and also what should accompany these lettuces.

Kelley suggests mixing and matching your favorite fresh lettuce, greens and vegetables along with proteins and grains for the best way to enjoy a salad. From vegetarian salads, salads with seafood and fish, salads with meat, or salads with poultry, this book covers everything that interests your taste buds and gets you away from the notation that salads aren't a complete meal. Think of this cookbook as a great way to take advantage of the farmer's markets and the seasonal produce that will be blooming this season.

Need more ideas for salad for dinner? Start your week off with these variety of salads: