Off the Shelf: Chef Recipes Made Easy


Everyone wishes that they could cook like a chef. From the simplest thing like a salad with four ingredients all the way down to a a flawless and delicious Thanksgiving dinner spread, everything chefs put on a plate seems to look amazing. The lettuce for salad pile perfectly on top of one another, nothing is bland and everything is cooked evenly. This magical world of perfect food is not happening in everyday home cooks kitchens and help is very much needed.

Food and Wine magazine released Chef Recipes Made Easy, a cookbook that features 100+ recipes from some of America's favorite restaurants and the amazing chefs that created them. Now you can make Wolfgang Puck's Pork Schnitzel, Bobby Flay's Chile Honey Glazed Salmon or Chef Andrew Carmellini's Gnocchi with Wild Mushrooms. There are a few great reasons to own this cookbook. Each recipe has been reworked to cater to the home cook, so there is no need to stress about hard to find ingredients or equipment that you dont have in your home. Also, wine pairing are suggested throughout the book to make your dinner even more complete. With spring in the air its time to take advantage of the fresh produce and start channeling your inner chef and making some delicious meals right in your home.

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