Want to be a Twitter Winner? "Yes, Chef"

To celebrate the start of the "Yes, Chef" book tour, we're kicking off a Twitter contest with you, the loyal fans of @MarcusCooks.

All you have to do is Tweet a picture of "Yes, Chef" placed somewhere (on a bookshelf, with a baby, on vacation, with your Nana...you get the point) and a favorite will be chosen every two weeks. You can win autographed copies of "Yes, Chef", chef coats from Marcus Samuelsson, vintage cookware, souvenirs purchased by Marcus while on the road for the book tour, Red Rooster T-shirts, cookbooks, and so much more.

The contest starts on Sunday, July 8th and please make sure to Tweet @MarcusCooks and use the hashtag #YesChef.

Good luck and see you on the road!

Photo: @dkyrillos