Harlem Comes Out for Fashion on Display

New York Fashion Week is a giant, twice-a-year "to do," and this year was no different. While bright young things stomped in stilettos downtown, a few strutting peacocks found their way to Ginny's Supper Club for Harlem's own soiree.

Proving that couture is not relegated to just SoHo and the Lincoln Center, Harlem on Display was quite the show. Curated by JB b.o.r.n. Vintage Fashion Boutique and featuring looks from Harlem Haberdashery, The Brownstone, Katerina Lankova and Sofistafunk by Arlinda McIntosh, the freewheeling fashion show and presentation was replete with tailored looks inspired by the Harlem Renaissance. This wasn't a typical, staid affair: the models and audience alike got into the swing of things, with high-spirited tunes and choreography and Ginny's own high spirits, like the Harlem Mule.

To see more photos from the event, scroll down below.