Marcus Off Duty: The Recipes I Cook at Home

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Since publishing my last cookbook, New American Table, so much has happened. I have cooked for the President of the United States at his first State Dinner, I have opened my dream restaurant, Red Rooster Harlem, I have written my memoir Yes,Chef and joined the group of mentors on ABC’s The Taste. Of all the things I have done in the last four years, the most memorable are those spent chasing flavors, finding  inspiration from old friends and new.  Marcus Off Duty is a reflection of all of these things.

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 In every city I’ve been to since New American Table, whether it was Austin, Texas, or Davos Switzerland, there was another spoonful to eat of something I’ve never tried before.  I’ve had the best Sichuan in Inner Richmond, San Francisco, with a spice so satisfying it leaves your palate numb. The flavors of Korea Town in Los Angeles remind me of September when I spend the month in Los Angeles filming.  The sweetness of fresh corn from an Indiana farm reminds me why the Midwest has the best summer harvest for grilling.  I’ve reinvented my at-home pantry with Bajan hot sauce, kewpie mayo and dried chilies and found that when it comes to cooking equipment, simple is best.

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 This book was written and photographed at home, with me and my team working tirelessly to show you, the reader, in the best light (literally,) that food can be delicious, beautiful and fun all at the same time. Together we cooked each dish, photographed it in my kitchen and dining room, feasted on the leftovers and tweaked the recipes for that little bit of special.  Photographer Paul Brissman, my longtime friend and fellow Swede, captured not just the creating process, but also the journey across the country that led me to these recipes.  Adding another layer to the book, are the beautiful illustrations by my dear friend and neighbor Rebekah Maysles. Her work softened the edges of an already full and vibrant book. She added depth and character to the stories behind the food in a way a photo or a recipe can’t.

This book has taken more of me than any other; a four year journey of learning, living, tasting and cooking. These are the recipes I cook at home for my wife Maya on a quiet night in. These are the recipes shared with me from my friends and staff, but presented with a Swede-iopian twist.

I can’t wait to share it with you and hope you’re as excited as I am for it’s publication date October 21.  Stay tuned to the website to see if I’m coming to your city and preorder your book from your favorite online book seller listed below.

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