Leftover Lunch: Zucchini Two Ways

2012-06-24_1340536422 After a weekend of unhealthy eating, I like to make Sunday lunches light. Think fresh vegetables, not many fats, and bright, sunny flavors. A raw zucchini salad was perfect for me this weekend. Dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper, and freshly ground parmesan cheese, the fresh zucchini and tomatoes shone.

With quite a bit of leftover shaved zucchini however, I was stuck. Already lightly salted and oiled, I couldn't exactly throw them into a healthy chocolate zucchini muffin batter. Instead, I decided to whip up my lunch for Monday: fritelli di zucchini (an easy version of this recipe below).

After roughly chopping the leftover zucchini salad (without the tomatoes), I mixed in some thinly chopped white onion and one egg. Three tablespoons of flour thickened the batter to the point that everything stuck together in the bowl.

Somewhere between a zucchini latke and pancake, I will take these to work on top of a salad and with a lemony, Greek yogurt dressing.

Fritelli di zucchini

That's hardly the only thing to do with the shaved zucchini. Some more ideas:

  • These curry cayenne zucchini chips start out with shaved zucchini, so using the leftovers for this impressive side gives you a huge headstart.
  • After a rough chop, mix the zucchini into eggs, and make scrambled eggs, an omelette, or a frittata.
  • Leave the leftover salad as is or turn it into a tangy Greek yogurt dip. Use it on a sandwich or burger to complement something spicy.
  • Mix the shaved zucchini into cooked pasta, or stuff pasta shells with a mixture of the zucchini, ricotta, and walnuts.
  • Make an elegant zucchini gratin. Chop, and mix the zucchini with heavy cream and breadcrumbs, and bake.