Daily Special: Uptown Steak Frites

Brunch is the new norm. It's here to stay and as popular as ever right now. Brunch is a time for socializing, laughter and of course great food. With all the amazing brunch options these days its always good to be amongst the classics of mimosa's, bloody mary's and menu staples. No one is going to turn down a classic brunch menu thats cooked and executed perfectly.

On a late Saturday or Sunday morning you want to indulge in something rich, something that's gonna be the icing on the cake to your amazing weekend. Uptown Steak Frites from Red Rooster fits these wants perfectly. With onion marmalade and truffle béarnaise sauce, the 10-o.z N.Y. Strip loin is the perfect definition of great food. The atmosphere of a lively brunch crowd, flowing cocktails, and recaps with friends from the night before, all tie into great food, uptown.

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