Three Goats Inaugural Fundraiser a Huge Success

maya haile, marcus samuelsson, three goats, cocktail party The story of Three Goats began in November 2011, when Maya visited Ethiopia after reading about the water-crisis and resulting famine that was affecting her and Marcus's birthplace. In an effort to provide relief to the devastated areas, they quickly organized a Brunch for the Famine in The Horn of Africa to raise money for much-needed resources. Maya flew to Addis Ababa and visited Mother Teresa’s Missonaries for Charity where they advised her on the greatest area of need for clean water and food. Knowing the dangers of traveling in the region, Maya insisted on heading to Togowichale, a border town between Ethiopia and Somalia severely endangered by the famine to provide relief to nearly 1,000 people in the area. To thank her for her generosity, the people of Togowichale presented Maya with three goats. While she couldn’t take the animals back to the U.S., she brought back the idea to start Three Goats.

After witnessing this devastation, Maya and Marcus knew they couldn’t stay quiet about the issues affecting the borders of Ethiopia. While it would have been easier to find a charity that would allocate the money to this region, they both felt called to give back to the country they originally called home. With the creation of Three Goats, the charity can ensure that this critically under-resourced region receives the tools needed to thrive long after relief efforts fade. Three Goats’ (A 501(c)(3)) mission is dedicated to improving the health and education of children living at the boarders of Ethiopia by providing sustainable access to vital resources. The main goal is to empower young women through education and provide access to clean water and nutritious food.


Photos: Monika Sziladi

Thanks to the incredible support of friends, supporters and family, Maya and Marcus hosted their first ever inaugural cocktail party to roaring success. Guests munched on Lamb Kitfo with Ayib Cheese, mushroom dumplings and Doro Wat Steam Bun with Egg before moving on to enjoy the goat carving station, Helga's Meatballs, Catfish and Grits, and Mac N' Greens. Thanks to our incredible list of sponsors, wine, champagne, beer and cocktails (Cabrito and Illy-Goatini) flowed freely and mini cupcakes and sweet potato donuts rounded out the night. A few photos and another thank you for our incredible Honorary Host Committee and Sponsors for the evening.



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Yes, Chef Charity Event at Macy's

Macy's Herald Square sure is delicious. Marcus Samuelsson recently headed to the De Gustibus cooking school located inside of Macy's on the 8th floor for an evening of cooking, laughter, and a great cause. Marcus: Yes, Chef: Charity Event  was an evening of demonstration class and tasting, showcasing Marcus's journey through life and food in Sweden, Ethiopia and the hustle and bustle of New York City. De Gustibus recreational cooking school, founded in 1980, hosts demonstrations by the most superior international chefs and wine experts, and Marcus is no stranger to superior food.

The evening took flight with a full audience beaming at Marcus as he demonstrated a 4-course tasting menu paying homage to a various number of influences, cultures and flavors. With accompanying wines from New Zealand, the journey took us to Red Rooster in Harlem, where the first course was Deviled Eggs with Fried Chicken Skin Mayo, one of the restaurants popular menu items. We went down south for the second course, as Marcus spoke about Cajun seasoning for his Cajun Catfish and Cheddar grits. The comparison to jerk flavors and seasonings was the next topic of conversation as Marcus demonstrated how to make Jerk seasoning at home for the jerk chicken reminiscent of the meals he ate while visiting Jamaica. Our Jerk chicken with coconut yams, jicama slaw, and crispy plantain for course four, was the perfect ode. Finally, we ended back in Harlem, and the evening came to an end as we topped off our evening with Rooster Mud Pie.

But the night ended even better than the food, when Marcus was presented with a surprise donation for his new charity, Three Goats Organization, he founded along with his wife Maya Haile. Three Goats is dedicated to improving the health and well being of children, young women, and families in Ethiopia.


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