Back to Basics: Argan Oil

Two weeks ago we introduced Argania's argan oil, where it comes from, and the fairness of it all. Since we know it's a new concept for some of our culinary palates I have asked our friends over at Argania to share some ideas on how to use this flavorful oil.

Name: Argan oil made from kernels from Argan Trees (Argania spinosa L.)

Origins: Indigenous to Southern Morocco, these trees grow wild in semi-arid soil and have a deep root system protecting them from soil erosion.

Nutritional Value: Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids. These properties are known to lower cholesterol, increase circulation and reduce high blood pressure.

Prep: Argan oil works fabulously as a finishing oil. Use it instead of olive oil in this roasted spring-garlic hummus recipe or drizzled on top of grilled veggies, or crostini. Try it in this delicious pine nut basil argan oil pesto or on a mixed greens salad with argan oil apple vinaigrette.

Or try it in this delicious dish of spiced lamb with couscous and vegetables that was designed by the Argania team's chef just for us! It uses argan oil in each component and therefore displays the argan oil  in 3 different ways, creating layers of flavor!

spiced lamb with couscous and vegetables

Photos courtesy of Argania

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