New Year's at Red Rooster

I had such a great time ringing in the New Year at Red Rooster last Friday. The evening was off to a great start with a live band, with drums, sax and a standing bass. It was a great time and the 3-course prix fixe was fantastic. The Braised Oxtail and Lobster and Red Grits were delicious. I was very pleased with the food, and the night overall.

The restaurant was gilded up to the top with gold and black balloons, and the atmosphere was super festive with over 400 guests and it was packed. DJ Cosi played great tunes as we rang in 2011 - everyone was on the dance floor from young to old!

I want to thank you for your patience with us while we opened. It was a long journey, and I'm really excited for what's ahead in 2011. Check out the early evening photos from the New Year's Eve event.