Food for Thought with Mother Jones


Monday evening I had the privilege of hosting Mother  Jones Magazine, as well as my fellow chefs Gabrielle Hamilton, Floyd Cardoz and Charlene Johnson-Hadley at Ginny's Supper Club to discuss diversity in America's Kitchens.

The discussion was moderated by Food and AG reporter Tom Philpott, who penned an article on the lack of diversity in the culinary field and brought a wealth of knowledge to the room. Tom was able to steer us towards a wide range of topics; from what it was like to come up in American kitchens as minority chefs to the recent one-sidedness in Time magazine's "TheGods of Food" feature.   While this is a recently popular topic and one that comes up in my life often, I look forward to the days when our culture embraces diversity in every field because bringing a different set of opinions to the table, coming from a unique background or having a different color of skin, gender or sexual orientation should be from where the conversation starts and not be the conversation.