Winter Warmer Cocktail Recipe

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If you need some alcoholic aid to see you through the yuletide season, like me, then look no further than my Winter Warmer cocktail, which has just enough bite to put a spring back in your weary step.

It’s great to see that cider is taking off again as a Christmas drink here in Britain. Many moons ago, it was traditional to have cider at this time of year but since our tastes have become more ‘sophisticated’ we have swapped cider for Champagne. Look at us getting all European! I for one, am glad to see cider taking main stage again, as I’m all about championing local produce and here in the UK we have some fabulous ciders on offer.

Aspall cider is my current favorite although it changes periodically. For this cocktail you don’t want anything too dry so go for a medium sweet cider and definitely not anything too fizzy.

Happy Holidays!

Photo: Aine Carlin

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1 part scotch
1 part Disaronno
3 parts cider
2 parts ginger ale


  1. Firstly ensure your selected cider and scotch is vegan friendly. Next up make sure the ginger ale and cider are nicely chilled. You’ll need a champagne flute – it will work in other glasses, of course, but I find the flute works best.
  2. Measure out and pour in one shot of scotch followed by the Disaronno (amaretto). Tip the glass slightly to pour in the chilled cider and then carefully and slowly top with the ginger ale. Serve immediately.